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Thomas, The Tank Engine, Hood River, OR

Additional Locomotives in the Ganders Livery

 Weyerhaeuser Shay

Above, This three-truck Shay logging engine pulls six cars. It is an MTH model added at Christmas, 2006. This is a Weyerhaeuser Timber Company model of a prototype built in 1944. It is of one of only six Shay engines built after 1930, mostly for logging. There were 2,770 Shays produced from 1880 by Lima Locomotive Works with development by a Michigan civil war veteran and saw mill operator, Ephraim Shay. This locomotive powers its wheels with a drive shaft and beveled gears displayed on one side of the engine.


The Shay pulling into Larry's MTH Weyerhaeuser Depot
Willamette Shay Left, is an actual operating engine using Shay technology. This locomotive is operated today by the Mount Hood Scenic Railroad in Elbe, Wa.  The engine was built by Willamette Iron and Steel in Portland, Ore. in 1929.  It is the only operational engine of its type in the world, originally owned by a lumber company in Klickitat, WA.  It was operated from 1949 to 1962 by Rayonier Corp. in Sekiu, WA (Clallam County.). These Shay-style engines moved slowly but pulled huge loads with exposed vertical drive rods on the side that turned all wheels. Photo was taken in May, 2017.

Great Northern Rail Diesel Car

 Added in February, this  RDC is manufactured by Ready Made Trains and AristoCraft.  it is a smooth operator with dual motors and directional headlights.  The twin-motored car carries the Great Northern Empire Builder name on the side of the car.  In its era, 1949-1962, the prototype self-propelled single-car train built by Budd Co. of Philadelphia served as a connection between rural stations and the transcontinental train stations. They were powered by twin General Motors Series 110 diesel engines, carried 49 passengers, and had a baggage compartment. These motored cars were sometimes linked together in two- or three-car consists. Great Northern had just one RDC car (GN 2350) which ran in the 1950s to stations like Helena, MO. The engine remains in operation today between Portland and Astoria, OR.. Larry rode a Via Rail version of the RDC car in Victoria, Canada. Six 1950s-era cars are being refurbished in Canada for continued operation.
Great Northern Rail Diesel Car, Feb. 2012

Union Pacific "BEEP"
Just 9.5 inches long, this compact fantasy O-gauge BEEP engine is based on a GEEP diesel, Geep  is a slang term for prototype General Motors "GP" or "general purpose" locomotives that have operated on American rail lines for decades. This "Beep" is manufactured by Ready Made Trains and AristoCraft. In addition to being cute and about one-half true scale size,  it is a smooth operator with dual motors and directional headlights. It pulls regular-sized cars, it is reasonably priced, and has some nice detail on the body. 
Beep by Ready Made Trains

GN S2 Diesel
This GN Premier Diesel has a sweet sound system and churns out smoke.

Sound Transit's commuter train between Tacoma and Seattle.

Milwaukee Hiawatha

Put into service for Thanksgiving 2005, this is a replica of the famous 4-6-4 Hudson steam engine on the Milwaukee Road flag.


Great Northern SD-45

.The first twenty-cylinder diesel ever produced, the EMD SD-45 "Hustle Muscle" set new standards in power and performance in the very competitive diesel market of the mid-sixties.

Great Northern 080

This MTH engine features four drive wheels on each side and was added to Larry's collection in the October of 2005.

Northern Pacific
FT ABA Diesel

The FT was the diesel that changed American railroading. First built in late 1939 by General Motors. It was outfitted with a 16-cylinder, 1,350 horsepower engine that was about 48 feet long. They often appeared in pairs (AA) pulling trains around the country, an early nail in the coffin for steam locomotives

Christmas Train

Santa rolling in under the Christmas Tree

This Lionel G-Scale Christmas train is an annual holiday attraction around the Ganders family tree. These pictures were taken in the family room, Christmas 2011.